Game Angry Bottle Shooter

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Preview :


Angry Bottle Shooter - smash bottles with dangerous chemicals. You can destroy the target with direct hit or use various surfaces to make the bullet bounce according to the needed trajectory.

Game features:

- 30 levels
- Growing difficulty
- Limited bullet supply

Download game for free :

Angry Bottle Shooter 240x320.jar

Game Assault Legend Fighter v1.0

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ThumbnailPreview : Game description: Assault legend fighter - take a powerful warrior through endless battles against various enemies. Crush enemies delivering hits with a sword or other weapons. Go to find adventures together with a hero of this engrossing Android game. Move the character across various dungeons and other locations. Apply destructive fighting skills and combo to crush strong enemies. Upgrade your... [Read More]

Game CTU: Counter Terrorist Unit

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Preview :


Game description:

CTU: Counter Terrorist Unit - apply all means to break the plans of terrorists. Kill enemies on different islands and blow up turrets. Destroy ground and air machinery of your enemy.

Game features:

- Automatic fire
- Great amount of lives
- System of character recovery

Download game for free :

CTU: Counter Terrorist Unit 240x320.jar

Game Avengers Super Heros

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ThumbnailPreview : Game description: Avengers super heroes app provide the fully introduction about the Avenges each character and his qualities. The avengers are a series of fictional super heroes in the universe that have starred in the Avengers. This is the Marvel comics' books series that have published by Marvel. Avengers are the Crime fighters devoted to protecting the planet from menaces... [Read More]